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Terms and Conditions

ARIEL RUBY Mountain Magic, 2018

ARIEL RUBY Mountain Magic, 2018

I want to be a living work of art.
— Luisa Casati

1. Prizes/awards

The Women’s Art Prize Tasmania is a project operated by RANT ARTS LTD (RANT ARTS). The state’s only female art competition, the prize aims to inspire, facilitate and celebrate the development of professional and emerging women artists in Tasmania.

For any questions or inquires, contact RANT Arts:

The Women’s Art Prize Tasmania consists of the following three prizes/awards:

  • Trawalla Foundation ACQUISITIVE PRIZE of $15,000

  • The Zonta EMERGING ARTIST PRIZE (non-acquisitive) of $1,500

  •  The Bell Bay Aluminium PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD (non-acquisitive) of $3,000


2. Key dates

  • Applications close: Midnight, Thursday 31st October 2019.

  • Selection notification and confirmation of 25 FINALISTS: By Wednesday 15th January 2020.

  •  Work delivery: RANT Arts will arrange for collection of works between 17th - 21nd February 2020.

  • Announcement and official opening: 6:00pm, Friday 3rd April 2020.

    Finalist exhibition dates:

    1.  Academy Gallery (Launceston): 3rd April – 1st May 2020

    2 Makers’ Space (Burnie): 1st October – 1st November 2020

    3 Plimsol Gallery (Hobart): 5th Dec - 24th January 2021

  • Work delivery and collection: RANT ARTS will arrange drop off points in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie for delivery of works for exhibition.  At the conclusion of the exhibitions works can be picked up from collection points in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.

  • If an Artist is unable to visit the collection point, RANT ARTS requires them to arrange separate courier collection (arranged and paid for by the artist).

3. Artwork conditions

  • WOMEN’S ART PRIZE TASMANIA has no theme.

  • Artworks that have been previously exhibited are acceptable but must not have been exhibited in any previous awards or prizes.

  • The works wall space must not exceed 200cm x 200cm, however works must not exceed 120cm x 120cm for freighting once packaged.

  • Artwork weight must not exceed 20 kilograms.

  • For all screen-based works, ENTRANTS MUST contact RANT Arts before submission to confirm availability of display elements.

  • All electrical items over the age of 12 months must be tested and tagged before delivery.

  • Artworks must be safely and securely packed into reusable quality materials. Bubble wrap only is not acceptable. Artists name must be clearly written on the package.

  • Artworks must be fitted with fixtures which are appropriate for the weight of your work, all 2D works must be fitted with D rings

  • Artworks may not be pinned to the wall.

  • Artworks must be easily transportable for touring and must be able to be lifted by two people.

  • For clarification about artwork sizing, please contact RANT Arts for more information.

  • Insurance and liability: RANT ARTS will take responsibility of works once they have taken possession. RANT ARTS will insure works against loss and damage during the competition period (including handling, judging, storage, touring and exhibiting) until collection by the Artist.

kelly Austin.jpg

4. Entry fees

Each Entrant must pay an Entry fee of $35 (including GST) per work.

This fee is non-refundable.

Payment must be made securely online through PayPal during the application process.

RANT Arts values entrant’s privacy and will not store any payment details, and not share any information with a third party.

Entrants will be issued a tax receipt through PayPal for each entry.

Image: KELLY AUSTIN Stilled Composition 46, 2018


5. Entry Conditions

  • The WOMEN’S ART PRIZE TASMANIA is open to citizens or those who have held permanent Australian resident status for at least 6 of the last 12 months in Tasmania preceding the Entry Close Date.

  • ENTRANTS must identify as being female.

  • RANT Arts welcomes and encourages ENTRANTS who are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.

  • All works submitted must be the original work of the ENTRANT and completed in the previous 12 months preceding the Entry Close Date.

  • Multiple entries from an artist are acceptable, however a separate application and fee must be submitted for EACH entry.

  • To be eligible for the Zonta EMERGING ARTIST PRIZE an ENTRANT must be in the first 5 years of their arts practice or new artform. ENTRANTS must identify as an emerging artist in the entry form to be considered for this prize.

  • ENTRANTS must submit a completed application by midnight Thursday 31st October 2019 or be considered ineligible. Entries received after this date will not be accepted.


6. Application Conditions

  • All applications must be made online at

  • All entries must be artworks that are available for acquisition by RANT ARTS in exchange for the prize amount of $15,000.

  • The judges will assess all entries and select 25 FINALISTS for exhibition. This will be final and RANT ARTS will not engage in any correspondence regarding the judges decisions.

  • The judging panel will assess the FINALISTS’ works once installed in the first exhibition to ascertain the winners.

  • All ENTRANTS will be advised by RANT ARTS via email as to whether or not they have been selected as a finalist.

  • All entries must be original and uncopied artworks and owned by the applicant.

  • Any assisting artists or technicians must be clearly identified during application.

  • All works must be available for the duration of the touring shows in Launceston, Burnie and Hobart.



7. Copyright and Moral Rights

  • RANT ARTS recognises that the authorship and copyright of the artwork belongs to the artist and that artists have the right to ensure their work is not used in any way that may be harmful to the author’s honour or reputation. RANT ARTS will:

  1. ensure that in all exhibitions  artists are identified and attributed as the creator  in respect of their works;

  2. ensure that artists have the right to stop another being incorrectly credited as the creator of the artwork;

  3. ensure no changes will be made to works when reproduced, without the artist’s prior consent;

  4. attribute the artist as the creator of their work whenever their work is reproduced unless it is reasonable in the circumstances not to do so; and

  5. ensure that nothing is done in relation to an artist’s work that is prejudicial to the artist’s honour or reputation.

  • Only FINALISTS’ works will be exhibited and reproduced, and any reproduction will be in relation to the prize. Reproduction is for print and online and includes: catalogues, media/promotion relating to the prize (social media, websites) and historical documentation purposes, relating to the PRIZE.

  • ·All FINALISTS will grant RANT ARTS a non-exclusive copyright licence to reproduce their entered works for a period of five years from the closing date of entries. Reproductions of their works will be used for exhibition catalogues and media/promotional material, and any reproductions will be related to the PRIZE, and will not be used for commercial purposes.

  • ·The WINNER of the major ACQUISITIVE prize will grant to RANT ARTS a non-exclusive, perpetual copyright licence to reproduce their winning work for non-commercial purposes relating to the PRIZE, including archival purposes, in print and online. As the acquirer, RANT ARTS will ensure:

  1. attribution for the winning artist as the creator of the work when exhibited and whenever the winning work is reproduced, unless it is reasonable in the circumstances not to do so; 

  2. no changes will be made to the winning work when reproduced, without the winning artist’s prior consent; and

  3. ensure that nothing is done in relation to the winning work that is prejudicial to the winning artist’s honour or reputation.

  • · All copyright licences granted are for RANT ARTS only and not any sponsors or partners of the prize.  



8. Administration Conditions

  • The Judging panel for the ACQUISITIVE AND EMERGING PRIZES will be comprised of members possessing the appropriate credentials to make an informed and critical assessment of all the entries. The Judging Panel’s decisions will be final and the panel will not engage in any correspondence regarding its decisions.

  • The Bell Bay Aluminium PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD (non- acquisitive) will be judged by the public via an electronic vote and announced on Friday 17th July 2020.

  • The Prize-Winning ENTRANT agrees to make all reasonable effort to attend the WOMEN’S ART PRIZE TASMANIA Opening Event on Friday 3rd April 2020, 6pm.

  • RANT ARTS reserves all rights to refuse display of any entry that fails to meet all requirements outlined in the terms and Conditions, or any work it deems to be unacceptable for exhibition.

  • Employees of RANT ARTS and those involved in the administration or judging of the prize are not eligible to enter.

  • By completing the entry form and paying the entry fee, the ENTRANT agrees to these Terms & Conditions.

  • In the case of any disputes arising that concern the administration of the WOMEN’S ART PRIZE TASMANIA, all parties agree to enter into mediated negotiation to settle the dispute. This mediation will be conducted through an agreed independent third party. If no such agreement can be reached, a mediator from the Australian Mediation Association must be employed before any litigation. RANT ARTS advises ENTRANTS that free and independent legal advice can be obtained from: Arts Law Centre of Australia ( and Australian Copyright Council (

  • RANT ARTS will not be responsible for the sale of any works. Any sales inquiries will be directed to the artist or a representative they have nominated. Inquiries may be directed to RANT ARTS: