ARIEL PASCOE, The Beekeepers - 2018

ARIEL PASCOE, The Beekeepers - 2018



Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding Women’s Art prize Tasmania. If you have any further questions after reading this page, then you can email RANT Arts to get in touch on


1. Prizes /Awards

Q: What are the prize categories?

A: The Women’s Art Prize Tasmania consists of the following three prizes/awards:

  • Trawalla Foundation ACQUISITIVE PRIZE of $15,000

  • The Zonta EMERGING ARTIST PRIZE (non-acquisitive) of $1,500

  • The Bell Bay Aluminium PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD (non-acquisitive) of $3,000

Q: What is an acquisitive prize?

A: The Women’s Art Prize is an ‘Acquisitive’ prize where our principal partner, the Trawalla Foundation keeps the winning artwork.

Q: How is the people’s choice decided?

A: The People’s Choice award is a public online vote, the artwork with the most votes at midday on 16 July 2020 the winner.


2. Key Dates

Q: When do applications close?

A: Applications close: Midnight, Thursday 31 October 2020

Q: When will I be notified if I have been shortlisted?

A: All entrants will be notified on 15 January 2020

Q: If I have technical issues can I submit later?

A: No, if you have technical issues please contact RANT Arts prior to 30 October 2019

Q: Where and when will the finalist exhibitions be held?

A: There are three exhibitions at the following locations -

  • Launceston (4 April - 1 June 2020): Academy Gallery, 4 Invermay Rd, Launceston TAS 7250, University of Tasmania.

  • Burnie (1 October - 1 November 2020): Makers' Space Gallery, 2 Bass Highway, Burnie TAS 7320, West Park Precinct.

  • Hobart (4 December 2020 - 24 January 2021) Pilmsoll Gallery, 47 Hunter street, Hobart

Q: When are the exhibition opening nights?

A: The opening nights are:

  • Academy Gallery, University of Tasmania Launceston - Friday 4th April 2020 6pm

  • Makers’ Space, University of Tasmania, Burnie - Thursday 1 October 5-7pm

  • Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Hobart. Friday 4 December, 5.30pm

3. Artwork Conditions

Q: Can I use an old piece I have created?

A: Works must have been completed no more than 12 months prior to application

Q: Is there a theme?

A: There is no set theme for Women’s Art Prize Tasmania

Q: What does easily transportable mean?

A: Women’s Art Prize Tasmania is a touring show and as such all works need to be transported. You should consider the scale of your work to accommodate transport needs. Creates must be no bigger than 120cm x 120cm.  If you have any questions please contact RANT Arts on

4. Entry Fees

Q: Can I pay later?

A: No, all entry fees are payable at the time of application.

Q: If I withdraw my entry, can I get me money back?

A: No, entry fees are non refundable.

Q: Are online payments safe?

A: We use PayPal for online payments.  You can read more about PayPal’s safety and security here.


Q:What does ‘identify as a woman’ mean?

A: For information please refer to the Australian Government guidelines on Sex and Gender click here.

Q: What is an emerging artist?

A: An Emerging Artist is defined by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) as an artist that "will have practised as a professional artist continually for less than 5 years." For the Women’s Art Prize Tasmania, you must identify as an Emerging Artist in your application form and must be in the first 5 years of your arts practice or new artform.

Q: How many artworks can I enter?

A: There is no limit on the number of artworks you may enter. Each artwork, however, must be accompanied with its own application and entry fee.


Q: Can I make a hardcopy or postal application?

A: Entries can only be made using the online application form.

Q: How will I know if my application has been submitted successfully?

A: You will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your application has been received.  


Q: How will my artwork images be used for marketing?

A:  Finalists images may be used on our website, social media and through email communications to promote the prize.

Q: Will I be credited as the artist on my images used for marketing?

A: The Women’s Art Prize Tasmania will attribute you the artist as the author of your work wherever the work is reproduced unless it is reasonable in the circumstances not to do so.


Q: What is the Judging panel?

A: The Judging panel for the  Women’s Art Prize Tasmania is composed of experienced, skilled artists, art workers and members of the Tasmanian art community. They are responsible for judging the Acquisitive and Emerging Prizes.

Q: How do I vote in the people’s choice award?

A: You can register your vote online via